Brandon Montour

On making his NHL and sticking with the Ducks
Obviously the whole experience of me getting my first call up and everything like that, it’s definitely been, I could say a great season, but obviously you want to go further, but for myself definitely getting the whole experience of getting up here and knowing I can play is a huge bonus.

On his summer goals
A little bit of everything. I think the whole experience of being up here, I know what I can work on, and obviously what the strengths are. Getting stronger is probably the biggest thing. Guys that are in this league are a lot bigger and that’s definitely a huge component for sure.

On facing NHL stars each night
You get that one game in, you play Patrick Kane, you play (Jonathan) Toews, you play (Connor) McDavid, you get the experience of playing your first game against them, and you can play with them and compete against them. Being on the same ice as those guys knowing you’re right there with them is definitely a huge bonus. You experience the whole thing, so it’s huge.

On his time in San Diego 
When I was there it was second to none. I love that place. The staff there, the fans obviously, playing in that rink is huge. The reason why we were successful is because of them.

On the fans in San Diego
Appreciate everything they’ve done. Not just for myself but the whole organization. To me it’s the best place to play in that league. We enjoy playing there and thank you.