Brian Cooper

On the length of the season
I think once you actually kind of look back at it there’s a little bit of a slow part, but I think when it’s all said and done you kind of go, ‘wow this was a fast season.’ I think being in a city that’s as great and fun as San Diego, it goes a lot quicker for you, it doesn’t drag on as much as the other cities that get snow. You look back and it’s quick. It wasn’t as bad as I think everyone thinks it to be, especially when it ends the way it did. You really think back on things and how quickly it did go.

On the playoffs
Obviously a tough loss to San Jose, but they’re a good team. Our compete level against Ontario will always be something we can look back and be happy on. We beat a good team through and through, a mirror of ourselves. And to go in and play like we did against San Jose and compete, lose one-goal games and overtimes. I think it’s something we can be proud of. We lost to a good San Jose team and beat a good Ontario team to get there.

On what the rookie defensemen learned throughout the year
I think having Nate (Guenin), Jeff (Schultz) and Jaycob (Megna) all on the back end kind of helping us and guiding us, keeping things simple. They did such an exceptional job just communicating things between partners and between the D pairs about how the calls should be made. Got to keep it simple. They guide us young guys to keep us consistent throughout the game, not get down when we’re in and out of the lineup. That’s kind of the way that things are when you have such a strong D. So I don’t think we would have been where we are without them.

On what he plans to work on throughout the summer
Just consistency in my game. I think that’s something. You’re here for a reason and just got to keep developing the simple skills. Skating, passing, shooting, all the simple things you work on as a kid. It still needs to happen when you’re older. Just keep working on that and it makes it easier as you go.

On the successful season
I think just the consistency that the coaching staff puts through us. The guys that come in, they’ve been around the organization before, so it’s just a seamless transition with guys getting called up, sent down, guys coming up from Utah. And I think the group that we have in the locker room is a pretty friendly environment, but it’s all serious business too and we hold each other to a high standard.

A message to the fans
Thanks for everything and don’t let a disappointing end to the season keep you from not coming back.