Corey Tropp

On his injury
Yeah, obviously it was unfortunate. Obviously it was the wrong time to get injured, but that’s the way it goes sometimes and things are out of your control. That’s the way it goes. Sometimes you get rewarded and sometimes you don’t. It was unfortunate, but I’m feeling better and I’ll be ready to go for next year.

On the season as a whole for the organization
It was great. You just look at the fan base, the city, it’s been great. I think every player appreciates living here, representing the Anaheim Ducks and the San Diego Gulls and it’s been a lot of fun. Every guy in this room feels very fortunate to be here. It’s one of the best cities you could possibly live in. It’s just a really good place and everyone just loves it.

On his second year in San Diego
I think last year, I came in and learned right away how great the organization treats the players and how great the community is. When you have a day off and just meeting people, it’s a great place to live and a great place to play hockey. They’re going to have a lot of success here for years.

On seeing the success of former Gulls in Anaheim
That’s the goal. You want to see guys go up and succeed. Especially the young guys go up there and carve a role out, and that’s every players dream or goal to play for the Ducks or in the NHL. Seeing those guys up there, it’s awesome.

On the consistency in the locker room
I think we have a great group of guys. The team did a great job of whenever guys did get injured, the player that was brought in could fill that spot, they did a great job. I’d have to say the management, or whoever is in charge of that, did a great job. At times it was almost seamless.

On the success of the organization
I think they do a good job at grooming their players, when they do go up they’re ready. Sometimes a guy might go up there that’s not ready, and then they have to come back down for a couple months or something. I think they do a really good job at sending someone up who’s not going to be in over their head. And also they do a really good job at just teaching them the fundamentals of the game and what you’re going to have to do to have success up there. I think we play a very similar system to what Anaheim plays, so the thought process behind that is so that when guys do go up there it’s a seamless transition for the players. I can’t say enough about the staff here and what they do to prepare the players, not just for Anaheim, but on and off the ice, being a good person, living the right way, doing the right things. It’s not just about hockey, they do a great job. We have a lot of young guys here, helping them into adults. They do a great job here.