Jaycob Megna

On the San Jose series
It was a series where we never really thought we played our best game, but I think San Jose had a lot to do with that. No one quit, it was a heck of an effort by our group. And even in the first round beating Ontario, that was a heck of an effort. This season we had a really special team there. We struggled early, but we figured out a formula on how to win and we executed as well as any team I’ve played with. It’s tough to come up short like that, but it’s a great group and it was a great experience.

On joining the Ducks in the playoffs following the Gulls season
It was really cool. Going to Nashville and seeing the crowd there and the energy, and being in the Honda Center and seeing that energy every night, it’s an absolute battle and you get a sense of what it would be like to be out there. You’re waiting for your opportunity hoping one day you get to play at that level. You don’t have time to be a fan when you’re out there, you got to worry about your job and just focus in on what you’re trying to do because if not, they’ll embarrass you in a hurry. It’s one of those things where you can’t really appreciate it until afterwards but you’re just out there trying to do the best you can.

A message to the San Diego fans
Just, thank you. They were amazing all year. Supporting us even when we did struggle with that eight, nine game losing streak early on. They kept coming and towards the end of the year they were incredible. They were a difference maker in a lot of games and the support there for the last two years has been more than anyone could have expected. So just a big thank you and hope they come out next year as well.