Kalle Kossila – C

On how he evaluates the year
I would look at the season as a whole. It was a learning process, we didn’t have the hottest start but we definitely build on it and I’m proud of this team of how we came out after Christmas. We were one of the hottest teams, and overall it was pretty good.

On what he’s taking away from this season
Oh, a lot. Just learning how to play a big boy’s game out there. Not that I play the biggest game out there, but playing in the men’s league and showing that I can be a part of it and be a part of a successful team. It means a lot to me going forward and it’s been a big learning process. There’s no one thing I can take away from it, it’s many things.

On making his NHL debut
I think it’s everyone’s goal to play with the Ducks, not with the Gulls for sure. For me, it was nice to get that taste of it and hopefully get more games there next year.

On the Gulls fulfilling their destiny
It’s tough. I don’t want to go behind the (call-ups and injuries), they were just a better team this time. We worked hard, it wasn’t that we didn’t work hard. Maybe they got a couple bounces, their power play was working, and the series was 4-1 but it could’ve been a lot closer than that. Definitely, we were not satisfied, it just happened to go that way this time.

On the Gulls facing the Western Conference leader two years in a row
We saw how good they were. It’s a lot of hard work it takes to get there. It’s never easy, you’re playing the top team in the league and I mean they have a lot of NHL players and we didn’t, but that’s not an excuse that we didn’t win. We put everything out there we just couldn’t beat them this time.

On his offseason plans
Probably go to Finland here next week or so. Go hang out with a couple buddies and then start training after a couple weeks. It’s pretty simple, train hard and try to get better.

A final message for the fans
You guys have been the best this year, especially after Christmas. Our fans, I don’t know what our average was probably one of the best in the league. It was so much fun to come and play every home game and play in front of you guys.