Nic Kerdiles

On finishing the season in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
It was definitely an unorthodox season there with going up and down. I wasn’t expecting that. Very grateful for the opportunity, getting to be a part of the Calder Cup Playoffs and NHL playoffs is a huge experience for me. I’m definitely going to take that with the rest of my career and learn a lot from it. I learned a lot from that. It was a cool experience and I learned a lot from that.

On his transition to the Stanley Cup playoffs
It was definitely hard. I definitely played a lot of games down in San Diego this year. We put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the season, so to have that end, mentally it will get you down and sad and all but getting the call to come right away to come up you have to change your mindset a little and know  you have another team to help here and see what you can do and try to go as far with them as well. Just kind of changing that mindset, not dwelling on the lows but really just getting ready for the next thing.

On playing against NHL stars
Just try not to get shocked with the guys you’re playing with and the guys you’re around. Just try to feel like you belong there. There’s a reason why you’re up there and be confident in your game. Like I said, it’s a cool experience being a part of it and playing next to those kind of guys but at the same time, I just had a level head and be confident at the same time and just play my game.

On his goals for the summer
I think my speed is there for my NHL game. I think I can still get stronger on my skates, in the corners, things like that.  Obviously you always want to get your shot better, a little quicker because at the NHL level you have even less time. Just probably working on a quicker release, just strengthening up my body a little bit more and getting stronger on my skates. Those are probably the bigger things I’m looking at this summer.

On the fans in San Diego 
I can’t thank them enough. It’s been an unbelievable year. We broke records with attendance this year and I’m not shocked by it, we have a great community. I’m very thankful for everything they did for us, all of the support. They made the season one heck of a season. Thank you San Diego fans,  appreciate it.