Nick Sorensen – RW

On looking back at the season
Right now, it’s still tough that we lost so early with the team we had. Injuries, call ups and stuff obviously made it a little tough for us. But it was a good year, fun year.

On his injury during the playoffs
Obviously it’s not fun. I was dealing with this for a pretty long time, playing with it, and tried to play through it for my teammates, but in the end I just couldn’t do it anymore.

On what the team learned throughout the season
I think we learned a lot. I mean, we lost like nine in a row or something I think and then we won like 20. It was up and down but we learned a lot as a group and as players and the individual persons too. I think we learned a lot and I’m excited for what’s coming up.

On his personal expectations throughout the season
I mean, I want to play in the NHL more than I did, obviously. Everyone wants to do that. But I think down here I think I did a good job and tried to help the team win as many hockey games as possible and bring my game every night. Up and down, yeah I think I played well down here but obviously I want to play more with the Ducks.

On the pathway from the Gulls to Ducks
I’ve said it before, I think we have a lot of players here who are ready to play in the NHL and (I’m) just going to have a great summer and try to come back stronger.