January 15, 2016


Q:  How have you been feeling since returning to the lineup last Friday after about two months off due to injury?

A:  I’m feeling good. It’s good to just jump right back in there, kind of get thrown into the fire. You don’t have time to think or worry about anything except just playing.


Q:  How are you guys reacting and adapting to the large number of injuries on the team currently?

A:  Yeah, there’s a lot of new faces in our room and on the ice, and that’s just the AHL. You always deal with that, you have to welcome those guys in and try to make them feel comfortable so they play their game and just try to communicate and get on the same page out there.


Q:  How have you seen the rivalry develop between the Gulls and Reign this season?

A:  There’s been some brutal games. Very physical, a lot of fighting. There’s some good skill on both teams so it’s an exciting game and we look forward to that. It’s a good challenge.


Q:  Do you think part of that rivalry stems from the rivalry between the Ducks and Kings?

A:  It may have. I feel like even in preseason it began in the first preseason game. We actually played them twice in the preseason and they were both pretty heated battles so maybe it does come from up top, but I think it’s just two competitive teams that are just battling.


Q:  How do you shake off the last few games and move forward to this weekend?

A:  You just have to take the positive things we’re doing. We’re not giving up a lot we just got to find a way to put the puck in the net. You take what you can from the past games and move on.