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Introducing your 2020 Gulls Hometown Heroes!

The San Diego Gulls Foundation will make a $2,500 gift in the honor of each hero to the non-profit of their choice. Thank you to all fans who submitted nominations this year.

Richard Nares | Co-Founder, Emilio Nares Foundation

Nominated by: Steve Lathrop

Mr. Lathrop shared with us that Richard and Diane Nares are some of the most humble, yet inspiring people you could ever meet. "I'm always amazed at the effort they make to serve and show concern for others, while minimizing their own challenges and difficulties," he explained in his nomination.

After losing their son, Emilio, to cancer at the age of five, th couple recognized an unfulfilled need among young cancer patients transportation to/from the hospital for treatments. They noticed many children with cancer coming from low-income areas or from single-parent families using public transportation, resulting in hours-long commutes, and less than desirable conditions considering the children’s compromised immune systems. Eventually, they noticed these patients would regularly miss treatments or stop showing up entirely.

The duo started the Emilio Nares Foundation, which provides transportation to families in need so their children can safely and reliably get to the hospital for treatment.

Hannah Shaw | Owner & Founder, Orphan Kitten Club

Nominated by: Marianne Bates

Ms. Bates shared with us that all over the country, Ms. Shaw brings so much to our community by not only saving and finding homes for the tiniest of kittens but by participating in TNR (trap-neuter-return) of feral cats throughout San Diego. They provide around-the-clock care to orphaned neonatal kittens who need bottle feeding and people can apply to adopt from Orphan Kitten Club once the kittens are 8 weeks old! 

"The over populations of stray and feral cats in San Diego County alone is staggering," she said. "Without people like Hannah, who greatly reduces the number of kittens born to these cats, we would have a serious problem!"

Robert West | Volunteer, Relay For Life of San Diego Event Co-Lead

Nominated by: Mike Armstrong

In his nomination, Mr. Armstrong shared over the last two years, Mr. West led a group of Gulls Fans in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, helping his team raise $18,000. As a co-lead of last year's Relay for Life, Mr. West fundraised over $100,000 for the event. According to Mr. Amstrong, he gives selflessly of his time to make this event happen and continues his efforts into a new year.

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