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Jan 1, 2020

We recently asked our fans across our social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook) to share their favorite memories from the last decade, when we brought AHL hockey back to San Diego. As we embark on a new year - and a new decade - we'll share some of their favorites in one last look at a memorable decade!

Kerry Miller Karakaidos: 
Our sons first Gulls game on his 1st birthday he fell asleep by the 3rd period but during the 2nd was dancing and yelling at the players lol

Gaylon Kent:
I'm an old fart who goes back to the WHL days and I now live in NW Colorado so I don't get to Gulls games at all. I was working during the 4OT game and listened online...That is my fave memory.

Jon Gray: 
The third year I got to skate with my favorite player Montour. Was so awesome to be able to spend time with these guys we come to see 30+ times a year play their hearts out for our team.

Mike Armstrong:
Being a part of the America's Finest Fans. With league leading attendance in, our arena to the large presence that our fans have at games on the road. We not only show up, but we are loud and proud about it.

Becky Walcher: 
SD Gulls Hockey brought our family together in a way that no other activity has before. Difficult to pinpoint the exact moment - there are many. My son has autism and going out, especially in large social events is not something he has ever done willingly. I don't know if it was in 2017 during Autism Awareness Night when we got do the High Five tunnel or the first photo with Gulliver or simply the excitement of the games but both my son and daughter fell in love with the SD Gulls. We have had so many fun moments over the last 2.5 yrs. Many great photos with Gulliver who always makes my kids feel special, digging in the snow mound for prizes during playoffs, going to all the playoff games, on ice photo with Relay for Life and being a part of the filming for this year’s opening video. We are so proud to join America’s Finest Fans. Thank you hockey and thank you San Diego Gulls!

Danielle Griggs: 
My daughter getting to meet Kevin Boyle and him giving her his game stick for her new room at our next duty station. He’s one amazing guy!

Jen Ziomek: 
Making the trip to Chicago for playoffs!

Wayne Gardner-Addams: 
Eliminating the ontario reign (intentional lack of capitalization) from the playoffs. The place was LOUD!

Raina Lizarraga: 
Meeting the players is always exciting, they are all so sweet and appreciate the fans!

Amber Haythorne: 
Getting to go on the ice and get (Ben) Street's Jersey. Also anytime there is a game, because they are always fun and I am surrounded by great people.

Alexander Eddy: 
Even though I dislike it, the playoff series between you guys and my Condors. Playoff hockey is always fun, especially when it's two VERY good teams. I can't wait to probably see it again this year. Hopefully with a different outcome, though. (Edtior's Note: Not so fast there, Alexander!)

Angie Durbin: 
My husband, Jeff Durbin, took me to Texas on my Birthday for the Gulls vs Stars game last January and he convinced a Stars fan to help him hold up our Gulls flag!

Chris Hert:
We had a blast at the home opener! I believe this is 2015.

Larry Shushan:
(Kalle) Kossila's Michigan, (Joe) Blandisi's "filthy" 360 with the puck against a defender en route to a goal, and (Nic) Kerdiles throwing his body in front of three shots in a short amount of time, causing him to miss a period of play.

Getting up early and asking the kids, "Y'all wanna get Gulls tickets or go to school?" The rest is history!

Samantha Potter:
The day I learned that my team was officially coming back after nearly a decade of waiting.

The day I got a part of me back that I really hadn't expected to. 

Best day ever!

Matt Layman Jr:
Year 1, when we were in the playoffs, like 70 fans went to the arena in the middle of the week, at like 5 am, to wish the guys luck as they left for the airport to go to Texas. Coach (Dallas) Eakins loved it. Then the same fans were there to welcome them back on a Sunday, later that week!

NOTE: Responses lightly edited to correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in original posts.

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