Secure Your Gulls Elite Membership

Welcome to Gulls Elite, our revamped season-ticket program featuring one-of-a-kind experiences and incredible benefits. Our program is the first of its kind in the American Hockey League, offering an a-la-carte experience allowing each individual account to create a unique membership. No two accounts – and no two seasons – are the same! 

We are now expecting deposits to become a Rookie Elite member for the 2023-24 season! Our new accounts are eligible for our Core Experiences and an exclusive welcome gift! The Core Experiences encompass private events for all Gulls Elite members. Additionally, the welcome gift is a special item only available for our rookie class.

Deposit Deals

Place your deposit now and enjoy benefits like:

  • 3 free games in 2022-23 season to try various seat locations
  • Free parking
  • Stella Lounge access
  • Exclusive Gulls Elite experience
  • Priority seat selection for 2023-24

$100 Deposit

  • 3 free games in Terrace
  • 1 GE member experience
  • 1 raffle entry for signed memorabilia

$200 Deposit

  • 3 free games in Terrace or Loge Attack X1 and X2
  • 2 GE member experiences
  • 2 raffle entries for signed memorabilia

$300 Deposit

  • 3 free games in Center Ice, Lower Level, Loge Attack X1 and X2 or Terrace
  • 3 GE member experiences
  • 3 raffle entries for signed memorabilia

Pricing Information