Frequently Asked Questions


What determines the selection priority? 

The day and time you submit your first payment via the payment portal or submit your Docusign authorizing us to make your first payment towards Gulls Elite Membership for the next season determines when you select among others in your loyalty tier.  

I have partners/multiple seats, why do I only get to select one experience?  

Due to the number of seats sold on a season ticket basis, it would not be possible for us to offer enough experiences for every season ticket seat in the arena. Also, most of our experiences allow for the primary account holder to bring at least one guest to the experience of their choice in an effort to accommodate all of our Gulls Elite Members and their families or seat partners. 

Why not let all Loyalty Tiers Select at the same time?  

In order to give all classes the best chance of receiving their first choice, we’re allowing the longest-tenured loyalty tiers to select first, then will redistribute the experiences not selected down to the next tier, adding to the original allocation of that tier.  

For example, we are offering 50 Zamboni rides, 28 of which (55%) are allocated to Founders and 12 to All-Stars (25%). Once the Founders are done selecting, they could only select 20 of the Zamboni rides, leaving eight available. Those eight would then be redistributed to the All-Stars, bringing their total allocation up to 20. This would carry on all the way to the Rookie tier.

I renewed early on the first day of renewals. Why is my selection date later than others?  

This could happen for two reasons:  

  • Other accounts are in a longer loyalty tier and their tier is scheduled to select earlier than yours. A Founder renewing on the second day would select before an All-Star that renewed on the first. Reminder that different loyalty tiers will not choose from another tier's allotment.  
  • Due to the high number of renewals we receive on the first day, your renewal was sent in later than others in your tier. 

Why didn’t I get my first choice experience?  

Due to the limited spots in each experience that are available, we encourage you to have a couple of back-up options in mind when submitting your experience selection. It’s entirely possible your first choice is also the first choice of many other Gulls Elite Members renewing before you.  

How are gameday experiences chosen? Am I allowed to choose which game I participate in my experience?  

Once the experience selection process is completed and the season schedule is announced, we will reach out to everyone that chose a game day experience, asking to submit dates that will not work. Based on those responses, we will assign games to each participant.

What if I am unable to attend the experience I selected?  

We will do our best to accommodate changes in your schedule, but we cannot under any circumstance guarantee we will switch you to another experience. The game day experiences (High Five Tunnel, Gulls Elite Member of the Game, etc.)  will be the most difficult to change once your date is assigned, so please be diligent in selecting the games that will not work for you.

I’m a 20-game plan member. Do I get to choose an experience?  

Gulls Elite Experiences are reserved for Full Season members only. In addition, only consecutive years of full season membership are considered for Loyalty Tiers. However, 20-game plan holders enjoy benefits as Gulls Elite Members not offered in prior seasons, including an invitation to Gulls Elite Day (formerly Founders Day), Calder Cup Playoff and Seat Relocation Priority, as well as access to the Stella Artois Lounge! See the benefits page for more details.

Can I gift my experience to another person?  

Yes, however some experiences are non-transferable and will be noted in the experience brochure. Also, all transfers are subject to review and approval by the San Diego Gulls. Please notify your rep if you wish to transfer your experience to another person.  

If you are using a text to speech reader for accessibility and are having problems using this application, call (619) 359-4730 for assistance.