Get To Know: Tyson Hinds

Nov 30, 2023

By Morgan Korovec/ 

Favorite movie? 

Top Gun or any Kevin Hart movie


Favorite TV show? 

Prison Break


Favorite musician/band? 

Drake or 21 Savage


Favorite athlete? 

LeBron James


If you could go pro in another sport, what would it be? 



Favorite thing about San Diego? 

The weather, the beaches and golf all year long


Favorite hockey memory? 

Winning World Juniors in Halifax last year


Favorite color? 



Favorite food? 



Beach or mountains? 



Any pregame superstitions? 

I always eat spaghetti, my sticks are always in the bathroom or close to the bathroom before games, I dress the same every game and a nap before every game


Favorite holiday? 



Favorite road city? 

Las Vegas


Biggest hockey pet peeve? 

Bad tape jobs or bag skate


Favorite hockey lingo? 

Rippin’ pills


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 

Italy or the Caribbean

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