Q&A With Mason McTavish

NHL Draft 2021: Q&A With Mason McTavish

Jul 24, 2021

Below is a transcript of Mason's media availability, edited lightly for clarity:

On if he talked with the Ducks before the draft and if he sensed they’d draft him:
Yeah, we talked a couple times. I think two or three times, maybe four. Decent amount of times. To be honest I didn’t really know where I was going to end up. I’m just super fortunate that they took me. Yeah, really looking forward to it.

On if he was surprised getting selected third overall:
I mean, not too much. Obviously, I was super happy for myself. Obviously, my family was super proud of me. Right now I’m just kinda just enjoying the moment and kinda just going step by step. 

On his playstyle that will translate to the Ducks:
I’d say the biggest thing is my hockey IQ. Just kinda knowing where to be and knowing what play to make at the right time. I’d say another thing that kinda makes me the player I am today is my compete level. How hard I compete on and off the ice. 

On growing up with a family of athletes:
It was definitely super competitive. I think that’s kinda where I got my competitive edge. Always battling, whether it was playing road hockey or anything, basketball, whatever, you name it. We were always competing with my mom, my dad, and my brother. Yeah, definitely a super competitive household growing up.

On adjusting to playing against men in Switzerland last season:
I’d say the first couple games, obviously, I think it was the bigger adjustment just not playing for about a year or whatever it was. You know kinda just getting my legs back. I got more comfortable with each game. Obviously meeting a lot of new people there. It took a couple games but then I was pretty confident and pretty comfortable with my game. So, yeah, I’d say like two or three games.

On his style of play:
Yeah, I mean I’m definitely more of a bigger sized kid for sure. I’d say it’s definitely my hockey IQ and kinda my brain, just knowing where to be. And as I said a bit before my competitiveness.  

On his preferred position on the ice:
I’d say center. It’s just kinda what I grew up playing. Naturally I always kinda found myself poised in the middle of the ice. Yeah it’s kinda where I grew up playing and just kinda what I’ve been playing pretty much my whole life.

On growing up in Switzerland:
Yeah, I think I was nine or ten when I moved back full time. You know, obviously, my dad played pro hockey over there and we’d always came back in the summers and stuff. It was definitely a little bit different. You know I think [there’s] some similarities. Lots of open space, super nice country, similar to Canada. Yeah, it was definitely a great experience for myself.  

On comparisons to Ryan Getzlaf:
I like how hard he competes. You know, he’s a bigger guy kinda similar to me. Obviously, he’s super talented and he gets around pretty well, too, for how big he is. I definitely look up to him and just kinda admire how he plays the game.

On how soon he sees himself in the NHL:
Hopefully I can make an impact as soon as possible. Obviously, we’ll have to see how camp goes.

On being compared to Getzlaf and Bo Horvat:
Yeah, I just kinda think of it as similar style. Obviously, we’re not going to be the same player. Yeah, kinda as I said just, obviously, all three of us are definitely all over six foot, over 200 pounds. So just bigger guys that kinda compete hard, all centermen, win faceoffs, that sort of stuff. Just more style of play I’d say. 

On players he watched growing up that he modeled his game after:
Yeah, there’s guys like Brayden Schenn, obviously Ryan O’Reilly, too, is another guy I like to use. Mostly centermen, two-way guys, that compete really hard and obviously have a lot of talent as well. 

On a particular style of hockey that fits his skillset:
I’d say mostly playoff hockey is I think what I thrive in. Heavier hockey. You know I just kinda use my hockey IQ and kinda just adapt to any situation that’s thrown towards me on the ice. I’d say thrive mostly in playoff hockey kind of style, like more rough and a bit more rowdy I guess. 

On working on his shot:
No, nothing too crazy. I think it’s more my accuracy. Obviously, I work a lot on my shot in the garage like every other NHLer and little kid growing up. It’s something I work a lot on and it’s been working for me I guess. 

On playing on the power play unit:
I guess my 16-year-old year I was mostly on the second unit in Peterborough. Definitely sprinkled into the first unit a couple times. Yeah, kinda found myself there a few times. 

On playing against Jamie Drysdale in the OHL:
I played him once, I believe, in Erie. I think when we played them in Peterborough he was at the World Juniors I believe. He’s obviously a great player. I know a buddy of mine, Connor Lockhart, he plays in Erie too. He [Connor] said great things about him [Jamie]. He’s a terrific player, obviously, and a great guy too. 

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