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2023-24 Mini Plans Available Now!

Mini Plans for the 2023-24 season are on sale now! Save on tickets and build your own plan that includes your favorite Gulls matchups! Choose from one of our three options:

6-Game Static Plan

  • This mini plan includes select promotional nights like Winter Wonderland and Star Wars Night, plus a few weekday games. The games included are preset, and you’ll have the benefit of enjoying the same seats for all eight games.  See below for the list of game dates featured in this turnkey plan!

8-Ticket Flex Plan

  • Customize your mini-plan schedule with 8 flexible ticket vouchers. You control when and how many tickets you want to redeem- mix and match the quantity per game. Seat locations are 1st-come-1st-serve, and your Gulls ticket representative will help you lock in the best available seats when you’re ready to redeem your vouchers!

12-Game Pick ‘Em Plan

  • The 12-game Pick ‘Em plan is the most popular option among mini plan holders. You create a custom game schedule and pick any combination of games (Ex: mix of Fri/Sat games, all Fridays, weekdays only, etc.). Additionally, you’ll receive the largest discount per game and have the benefit of enjoying the same seats for all twelve games!