Zegras Excited To Join Ducks Organization

Zegras Excited To Start Pro Career

Mar 27, 2020

Below is a transcript from a call with Trevor Zegras and local reporters following the Anaheim Ducks announcement they signed the 2019 first-round draft selection (ninth overall) to his three-year entry-level contract.

Can you walk us through the past few days leading up to signing your contract?

The past week has been pretty much just sitting and waiting. Pretty much all of it went through my agent, Pat Brisson. We had conversations about what we wanted to get done. He’s the best at what he does. He was able to get it all worked out.
How does the pause in the NHL and AHL seasons impact your next steps?

We know what’s going on with the world right now. There’s no hockey, but this will keep me excited for quite some time. It’s a very exciting time for me and my family. It’s almost bittersweet because there’s nothing I can really do about it right now, but it’s definitely keeping me in good spirits during this tough time.
What are you doing to stay busy?

It’s a weird time. Nobody in our lifetime has been through something like this. I have a bunch of stuff at my house I can do. I can stickhandle and shoot in the driveway. I’m definitely still playing hockey. Maybe I’ll go out in the driveway and roller blade. Going to the rink, I definitely miss that. Just trying to keep as busy as I can.
How do you feel you’ve grown as a player since the NHL Draft last June?

The year was great in terms of getting stronger and more ready to play in the NHL. That’s my goal. In all aspects, it was the next step in my career going from playing in the junior leagues to a men’s league. It was great for my development in that regard.
How do you see yourself fitting in on the Ducks roster?

The big emphasis around draft time was, as a young guy looking to fit into the lineup, I can play center or wing. The versatility as a younger guy. It’s an extremely tough league – the best league in the world. I think I can fit in wherever they see me best.
Is there a current NHL player you model your game after?

Patrick Kane is probably my favorite player. I’ve been watching him ever since I was a young kid. He’s inspired me in a lot of different ways.
What areas of improvement have you and the Ducks discussed throughout the season?

The big thing I talked about with [Executive Vice President/General Manager] Bob [Murray] and some of the staff was becoming more explosive and powerful. That’s something I talked about with them last summer and something I’ve been continuing to work on. That’s the biggest thing for younger guys is being able to be explosive and get away from guys.
If the NHL season resumes, have the Ducks talked about bringing you up for a game or two?

I haven’t talked too much about that. It would be up to them and what their decision would be. That would be pretty cool, for sure.

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